Born and raised in Norway, of Pakistani and Afghan ancestry, Adil Khan is a critically acclaimed dancer, actor, artist and television personality. A household name in Norway, his work, his accomplishments and core values are all based in his passion for artistic self-expression in all its forms, combined with a dedication to humanitarian activism, a belief that art and media can give a voice to the under-represented, the dispossessed, the overlooked and the undervalued in all our societies.

Adil first catapulted to national fame in 2006 by winning the Norwegian televised dance competition “So You Think You Can Dance”. He then turned to theatre acting, where he rapidly gained enormous criticial respect, becoming the youngest actor ever to be nominated for the prestigious Hedda Award, the Norwegian equivalent of the Tony Awards. After performing a series of lead roles on the national stage, he played the central character in the acclaimed NRK TV series Taxi. The series won Norway’s equivalent of the Emmy for Best Drama Production and earned Adil a nomination for Best Male Actor. Adil has achieved this success in dance, theatre and TV, despite having no formal training of any kind, relying instead on supreme talent, exceptional work ethic and an instinctive genius for creative endeavour.

From the very beginning of his career, Adil has been determined to use his public prominence to help others, standing for positive change in the lives of individuals, especially under-privileged children and young people. He has participated in a variety of campaigns with the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs, Unicef and the Red Cross among others.

Starting out as an untrained street dancer, the son of an immigrant family, Adil has overcome many challenges and difficulties in his life. A multi-disciplinary artist, performer and activist, he has become a positive role model for change, and a symbol of the new and bold face of  intercultural  Norway. Ever intent on self-renewal and pushing back the boundaries of what is possible in artistic and popular media, he is now a part of the art and media production company Fuuse.